· We offer free estimates – Not everything makes sense to get fixed and we know that! Bring your Laptop computer in for a free estimate and we’ll give you the price to help you make an informed decision

· High-quality repairs – You want it done right the first time. Our technicians are the most experienced you’ll find, and we guarantee it. All our services are backed by a 30-day warranty!

· Superior customer service – We know you’re looking for a computer repair shop that will not only fix your Laptop computer but also provide a high level of customer service.

· Screen replacement- Cracked or damaged screen? Don’t fret because Paradise Mobile Repair will have your screen fixed in on time and back to its transparent best.


We know that computer repair problems come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever computer problem you need to be fixed, we can help! Call now on 09-2682463, Txt on 0273504817 or walk in at the following address:

 Paradise Mobile Solutions

Auckland Branch 

Unit 3, 206 Great South Road 
Manukau, Auckland 


Hamilton Branch 

Unit 5, 14 Garden Place, Hamilton City Canter 


Contact us: 07-9498910




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